About the Practice Tests

Advance Review SLP 5th edition

The computer-delivered Praxis SLP test (code 5331) is usually taken by examinees who have completed a master’s degree in speech—language pathology or are currently enrolled in a master’s program. This test is one of many requirements to obtain the Certificate of Clinical Competence that is issued by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). Many state boards that license speech—language pathologists also use this test as a requirement for licensure.

The questions in this test assess three broad areas, including (1) foundations and professional practice; (2) screening, assessment, evaluation, and diagnosis; and (3) planning, implementation, and evaluation of treatment. Within each of these categories, there are several subcategories of questions including but not limited to typical development, epidemiology, cultural and linguistic service delivery options, counseling, ethics, legislation, research, genetics, and other areas.

The questions test application and knowledge in the nine areas of practice. These include hearing; fluency; voice, resonance, and motor speech; speech sound production; social aspects of communication, including pragmatics; feeding and swallowing; augmentative and alternative communication; receptive and expressive language; and cognitive aspects of communication.